İstanbul Medeniyet University

From the day that it was established, İstanbul Medeniyet University had been conducting many projects in social and technical fields with theoretical and practical aspects. Civilization focused, blending universal values to the science, technology and art that it had produced, İstanbul Medeniyet Üniversitesi aims to be a unique research university with the implementation of different projects.


Social side and social projects of İstanbul Medeniyet University is also an important part. With having three (3) civil society and youth workers, two (2) project assistants, İstanbul Medeniyet Üniversity and its Offices had managed many technical, social projects

  1. Bright Futures and Justice for Youth (Youth and Sports Ministry Project)
  2. Directing Doctors to the Nearest Hospitals Rapidly During the Course of Disasters (Istanbul Development Agency Project)
  3. LdV 2013-1-TR1-LEAO02-49322
  4. 2015-1-TR01-KA202-021686 Youth Employment; Designing Quality And Training Tools For Competence Profile Of Supported Employment Specialists (Newly granted, 3 years, 291.440,00 €)
  5. Woman Employment

As being one of the young governmental universities in İstanbul Anatolian Part with convenient access to its office, IMU offers children and young people free Civil Society and Soft Skill trainings also field visits and company visits in particular areas like Radioactivity, Electronics, Software Development, Machinery, Civil Work, and Ethics.


European Union and National Agency, Turkish Science and Technology Research Institution (TUBITAK), Ministry of Youth and Sports projects are the majority of the project work and activities that are done by IMU . Apart of the projects, IMU is also organizing local and national activities, project cycle management training courses and other training courses for disadvantaged people, children and youth. IMU, with its strong academic staff, Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences has both research and academic research about social psychology and educational tools in emotional intelligence concept.