Inveslan is a private research organisation working in the area of economic and social research, specialised in the fields of training and employment. The organisation was created in Bilbao in 2002 with to respond to the challenges of training, employment and socio-labour inclusion through the development of research and development programmes, and counts on a working team formed of professionals coming from different areas of expertise in research and development (sociologists, economists, specialists in socio-labour inclusion, in education and pedagogy, in ICTs and education).


Social research is conceived as a means to establish contact with reality in order to get a better knowledge and understanding and also to develop the necessary answers to possible needs/gaps/problems. Through the research activity Inveslan creates knowledge that supports social change, developing applied and prospective studies, emphasizing the importance of the addressed target groups´ active participation in the research activities. With regards to the development area, Inveslan focuses on the creation and testing of innovative learning methodologies, the development of educational itineraries and the design, implementation and evaluation of socio-labour inclusion programmes (including Career Guiding and e-Guiding activities).


Inveslan target groups are mainly those collectives suffering or in risk of suffering from socio-labour exclusion: young people, women, immigrants, low qualified groups..; and the professionals working with them.


Specialized in the field of education and training, Inveslan counts on a specific methodology for implementing Training Needs Analysis (SIDFA), and tools for the assessment of training impact on participants and organisations.


INVESLAN activity at European level during the last 12 years provided the organisation with a wide network of professionals and associates all over Europe. This network is formed of a variety of entities from complementary expertise and experience areas (social actors, NGOs, public and private training providers, public bodies and administration …), helping create formal alliances to develop specific initiatives and inspiring its activity through the exchange of experiences, knowledge, methodologies, and results.


Inveslan is certified with the in Quality standards ISO 9001:2008 (Management) ISO 14001:2004 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Prevention). The organisation is also member of the Strategy for the Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment, leaded by the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security (