The Governorship of Istanbul EU and Foreign Relations Office

Foreign Relations and the E.U. Coordination Centre

In the process of our country's accession to the E.U., according to Governor's Office directive dated 03.03.2005 and numbered 217; the establishment of Foreign Relations and the E.U. Coordination Center, to run on the basis of cooperation, communication and coordination was approved and it was put into effect throughout Istanbul.
It made out the following three points:
  • To establish the necessary infrastructure,
  • To prepare the City's citizens for the E.U. citizenship,
  • To make sure the citizens understand the process and implementations demanded by the E.U. which are binding for all E.U. member states.

The governance concept to be implemented through the accession process is seen as a social transformation project. It requires for the involvement of local authorities, NGOs, public organizations and institutions. It will seek the cooperation of the private sector and individual citizens. By this manner and method Istanbul will have taken the required initiative in creating a viable structure understood by all.

Main Objectives;

  1. To be in constant communication and information exchange with the E.U. organs and to investigate the ways and methods to gain maximum benefits from the positive developments during the candidacy period.
  2. To give directions to the present and commencing work agenda concerning the E.U. by identifying priorities for Istanbul.
  3. To set up a Documentation Center covering the E.U. organizational and operational matters in order to provide information which would be beneficial to public organizations, NGOs, Universities, media, private sector and citizens.
  4. To establish direct cooperation and coordination with the Prime Ministry, the EU General Secretariat, the EU Commission for Delegation for Turkey and Ministry of the Interior's Foreign Relations and the EU Coordination Department.
  5. To develop and built capacity at the Governor's Office's main and its affiliated units in order to embrace and adapt Union's acquis.
  6. To prepare Istanbul for the EU membership institutionally, management-wise and financially.
  7. To lead by the leadership of the Governor's Office to share and to deliver the knowledge and experience of the recently joined EU members to all private, public organizations and intuitions and NGO's in Istanbul.
  8. During the period of the accession to EU, to join activities and to deliver opinion in many activities at national level, at discussion platforms and knowledge sharing environments.
  9. To constitute a solidarity platform particular to Istanbul as to encourage info exchange and cooperation among similar and related organizations in Turkey and EU countries
  10. To convince and to acknowledge public opinion regarding the EU membership and benefits of becoming the EU citizens which will be led by the Governor's Office
  11. To take part in various EU programs and projects and to initiate fund transfer from existing funds and support programs by preparing new and original projects.
  12. To monitor, assess and establish necessary coordination over the existing public organizations and institutions within the frame of their confirmatory/adjustment work to the EU acquis.
  13. In order to do concurrent similar work as the Department of Foreign Relations and EU Coordination which is the main unit of the Ministry of the Interior - Foreign Relations and the EU Coordination Centre in our city will be set up.