Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations

Members of ITPIO are 5 leading universities and colleges, the most powerful trade union, national employers’ association, local and regional authorities, SMEs, 3 adult education providers, 7 centers for vocational training, 2 regional education inspectorates, many schools, school teachers associations and many individuals – prominent experts in education, training, employment, economic and academic spheres.

The activities of ITPIO cover all educational sectors – general, vocational and higher education. All are focused on improvement of training quality and ensuring competitiveness of graduates at the labour market. The main directions of activities are:

  1. Researches and analyzes for identification of training needs of different target groups – school directors, teachers, students, university trainers, workers in different branches, managers of SMEs, companies, young entrepreneurs and elaboration/updating of curricula.
  2. Training of:
  • directors, teachers in education and training institutions for implementation of innovative training methods, including of ICT in teaching aimed at active involvement of trainees in learning;
  • professionals in different fields for qualification improvement and development of key competences;
  • young entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs related to human resources development;
  • mentors of young entrepreneurs for ensuring of productive communication;
  • personnel in local and regional authorities related to development and implementation of lifelong learning strategies and project management;
  1. Counseling in the field of strengthening the dialogue between different stakeholders in all areas of social life – education, culture, local and regional development, development and implementation of innovative ICT approaches, tools and platforms in all levels and forms of education and training.

ITPIO has a serious experience in coordination and implementation of projects under Lifelong Learning Programme and actively participates in Erasmus+.