Step Institue

STEP Institute for work psychology and entrepreneurship is a non-profit organization aiming to empower people for better functioning in work environment. We help people to discover and nurture their talents, brushing soft skills and realizing their entrepreneurial ideas into practice. By offering interactive workshops, generating creative learning material, supporting coaching, and inspiring career guidance we aim to increase employability, empower people for entrepreneurship, and foster personal and professional development. Business and education are traditionally separate worlds. Building bridges between them is our path.

STEP Institute is based on the rich experience of its founders. The heart of the organisation represents a team of interdisciplinary experts: Andrej Juričko, Tine Nagy, Blanka Tacer and Ana Arzenšek (CVs below), who work along with different external trainers and experts (check, We cover the following disciplines: psychology, sociology and business administration.


STEP Institute aims to promote work psychology and entrepreneurship among schools, youth, disadvantaged groups and SMEs. The purpose is to increase employability, prevent early school leaving and foster personal development. Our goal is to include at least 500 people per year into our programmes and to reach at least 6000 people per year through different dissemination activities.


The Institute was established as an answer to increased unemployment among young people in Slovenia and as an answer to the need of including entrepreneurship in school and VET education.



- Professional development.  Primary focus is development of basic soft competencies for employees in schools, organizations and private companies. Workshops, e-learning, virtual learning, individual coaching and peer coaching are some of the methods we use. Topics cover positive psychology, communication and relationship skills along with other areas of emotional intelligence, leadership, resilience etc.

- Competencies for entrepreneurship. We design tailor made entrepreneurship’s trainings and curriculums. Our interactive approach includes tools as design thinking, business modelling, lean start-up and rapid prototyping.

- Social inclusion. Here we deal mainly with challenges of unemployed people. Our goal is to increase their employability with combination of trainings, individual/team support and mentoring.

- Personnel and work psychology. In this area we deal with assessments of training needs, evaluation of acquired competencies, new labour market policies and career guidance methods.

- Organizational change and growth. We support private and public organizations in change, growth and innovation. By following the rules of internal marketing we foster implementation of new activities into practice.


STEP Institute cooperates with a wide network of associated partners such as The National Education Institute, Employment Service of Slovenia, Professional Associations, schools and employers from the private sector.